Digital minimalism for recruiters

Technology plays an important part in our professional lives. It would be hard to imagine having to go even a day without a computer, an ATS, access to email or social media.

But even though it’s absolutely necessary for us to do our jobs, technology can also have a negative impact on our lives – whether at work, or after hours. Spending too much time online impacts our ability to focus, affects our sleep and rest time and can even lead to forming more biased opinions!

Symptoms to look out for:

  • short attention span
  • inability to focus
  • feeling tired after rest time
  • low productivity

Join the challenge!

I’ve been trying to maintain a healthy approach to technology for the past year… and I can tell you it’s not easy! I feel like if we do this together, it may be easier to stick with the new habits. Are you ready? 🙂

Step 1. Declutter

It’s easier to form new habits in a new envitonment. That’s why you should clean up your phone and desktop!

Remove all of the apps on your phone that you’re not using, as well as those you don’t think you should be using. Your desktop also needs a bit of attention. Remove notifications and clean your desktop, so you can focus on your task without distractions.

Ultimately it’s up to you, but I recommend removing as many apps and notifications as possible. You can always install them back if you think you need them.

Help others by sharing your experience! What apps id you end up removing from your phone? What notifications did you get rid of? Use the hashtag #digitalminimalism4recruiters so others can find your posts 🙂


Step 2. Schedule social media and email breaks

Being accessible 24/7 is not what makes us successful. Scheduling your online breaks in advance allows you to focus on accomplishing the tasks that you are targeted on – like actually hiring people.

You can schedule a short break every hour (10 minutes every hour). You could also schedule 3 breaks in the day – in the morning, afternoon, and then before leaving the office.

Whatever you decide, stick to your plan! You may feel replying to each email as soon as you get it is what’s required of you, but just observe successful employees around the company… do they all reply to emails instantaneously?

Again, if you’ve taken this step, feel free to share with others! Have you convinced your manager to do this, or are you taking a chance by yourself? What arguments could you use to get your organisation on board? Find what others are sharing by following the hashtag #digitalminimalism4recruiters


Step 3. Remove temptation

Turn your phone volume up, but keep it face down – and better yet, away from your eyesight altogether – while you work. Close down social media tabs when you’re not using them. When you’re soucring, don’t look at the notifications or incoming messages on LinkedIn or other platforms until your scheduled break.

These rules are simple, but they’re not easy to follow!


Now keep it up!

This is where group support comes in… For all of you who are interested, I’ll be sharing my progress and – let’s face it – ongoing struggle 🙂 online. Ironic, I know. If you’d like to join me, share your thoughts!

Use the hashtag #digitalminimalism4recruiters on LinkedIn or find it on Twitter to join in the conversation 🙂

Digital minilamism
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