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EVOLVE! Summit 2019

The largest recruitment conference in the CEE region, with diverse content covering anything from HR, through recruiting, to employer branding.

Digital minimalism for recruiters

We live in a distracted society where few of us manage to go through their day without nervously checking their phone for social media notifications multiple times a day. This means we’re less and less able to engage in deep, focused work. But how can we avoid distraction when social media are one of our main tools at work?

Sourcing Summit Estonia 2019

The sourcing conference, gathering the sharpest minds in the recruiting world to focus completely on the topic of finding and attracting candidates.

Nurturing the sourcing spirit

In order to build trully great sourcing teams, we need more commitment from the organisations: to learning, to excellence, to community and to flexibility. Here is my presentation on the subject from SOSUEE in Tallinn.

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