Sourcing is not just about finding profiles online

Sourcing is technically about identifying candidates online using different sources – sure. But I like to think it’s more than that. It’s really a mindset, a particular approach to the recruitment process.

The sourcers I know and admire are curious, constantly learning and not afraid to experiment. It’s that attitude that allows them to excel at recruiting for even the most challenging roles. They build strong relationships with candidates and combine skills from multiple disciplines.

They don’t just focus on finding a candidate for the role, they want to find the best person to do the job and they keep in mind the company’s long term ability to attract talent. That means they will never compromise when it comes to candidate experience.

When I first started working in sourcing, the training I received was rather basic. I was fortunate enough to find some amazing blogs written by experienced and talented sourcers and learned to use social media by following their advice as well as experimenting on my own. I enjoy sharing this experience because, frankly, you don’t need to learn from your mistakes. There is definitely a better way!

Some of the most popular blog posts:


I often get asked about recruiting in Poland. Where can you advertise? What platforms to use for sourcing? How to talk to candidates? Well, I decided to share some of the tips in a more accessible form.

A short guide to recruiting in Poland


I was on the platform and when I refreshed my feed, I was logged out. After trying to log back in, I was redirected to a screen that explained my account was now restricted. This is what I did to get back on the platform - and what you can try doing too.

What to do if your LinkedIn account is restricted?


We talk about talent communities a lot and we have for a while, and yet it seems there’s surprisingly little available when it comes to specific examples. In this post you’ll find details on why I created the group, how it grew, what worked best for growth and engagement.

Building a Talent Community: case study

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